I started volunteering with Melbourne zine space, Sticky Institute, in mid 2015; and in that time, I've birthed many a zine gem, listed here. The more recent titles are listed below: 

  1. Lessons I’ve Learnt from The Simpsons 

  2. Seahorse in Natural Habitat

  3. Much Better Census Questions

  4. Valuable Lessons I’ve Learnt from George Costanza (cause in a lot of ways he’s my idol)

  5. Not all Mermaids are Attractive

     (in collaboration with Hannah Potter)

  6. BBC Tarot Cards

  7. Cougars & Foxy Ladies on the Prowl 

  8. Plastic Girls Abroad

  9. My Dad’s Ugly Clock Wall

  10. The Smiths Alphabet

  11. Really Shit Episodes of Macgyver 

  12. Darth Vader Happens to Enjoy Wearing Lovely Frocks 

  13. Inappropriate Penis Nicknames 

  14. Bowie Alphabet 

  15. Poe Lurking Around Cemeteries 

  16. Actual Shit I’ve Written in Past Journals 

  17. The Moe Prank-Call Names in Cursive – With Stickers 

  18. Dr Phil Drinking Game

     (I was thinking of doing a ‘My Strange Addiction’ drinking game zine too but that would really only need one rule – drink every time you judge somebody’s life choices)

  19. Golden Shower

     (it’s pictures of the Golden Girls in the rain, get your mind out of the gutter)

  20. Feminist Playlist 

  21. Power Rangers on Penny Farthings 

  22. Wookie Works of Art

  23. Bob Ross Fanzine 

  24. Russell Coight Fanzine 

  25. Home.

     (which is just pictures of abandoned houses)

  26. Grimace has really pulled himself together 

  27. Many a bickie tin

  28. I Was an Odd Child 

  29. Linda Belcher is Everything I Want to be as a Woman

  30. At the Mountains of Madness 

    (which is just collages, it’s not me very unsubtly stealing Lovecrafts ideas)

  31. Shitty camping advice – I just wanted an excuse to use the word bivouac and feel like a big man 

  32. Cool-thulu – Lovecraft’s Dark Lord Being a Hipcat 

  33. Tinder Advice from a Lesbian who’s inexplicably still single 

  34. Valuable Things I’ve Learnt from Seinfeld 

  35. Barry Morgan fanzine 

  36. Versatile Trash-talk learnt from binge-watching old Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey clips 

  37. Men's Health Zine

     (a collaboration with YOU)


  38. Dreams I'll have mixed feelings about if they end up proving my psychic ability 

  39. Guest writer of YOU for YOU – a free weekly zine (on the feeling of walking past the ‘no’ campaign advert on Johnston Street, Collingwood during the plebiscite)


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What Condition my Condition was in / Post uni-trance: 

After completing my Masters at the end of 2018, I also started an ongoing free zine series called, Post Uni-Trance (which was renamed What Condition my Condition was in). Here, I brood over what I've been up to lately, and adjusting to life beyond uni after having spent most of my adult life studying. It can be found in Sticky Institute and The Back Room's free section, or via Small Zine Volcano. A few of my favourites can be viewed below: